If you have a camera and would like to take the best photos of your life, create stand-out content or even start your own photography business one day,

Then you're in the right place.

Here's why…

I'm going to teach NEW methods and photography frameworks on how to create the most stunning images that I have been using in my business for years…

AND... You're going to hear it in a way that will finally make sense 💯

First, see what people are already saying about this course...

But, let's get real!

If I can guess, up to this point, it's been a struggle and you often rely on Youtube (or automatic settings) to help you out.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all about finding information and being self-taught…

But, if you're looking for something more simple and easy to understand, I have the answer for you.

I know what you're thinking and NO...

It's not some "SECRET" you've already heard...

Before we dive into that, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim Coulson…

That's me (just before I shaved my head) 👇🏼

With more than a decade in the photography industry, working Australia wide and with international clients, brands, sponsorships, and training thousands all over the globe, I have a lot to teach you and it's all right here…

Here's the deal, this is not your ordinary photography course.

There's no fluff - just clear and proven methods that are straightforward, relevant and simple to understand.

Learn to take the most captivating photos for yourself, and for others…

And SAVE HUNDREDS on photographer fees for those precious photos of your kids...

Or even start a side-hustle.

See the Number #1 question I get asked is…

"Tim, how do I use the manual settings on my fancy camera?"

And I get it. . .

In 2023 with social media, personal brands, and sharing content with loved ones. . .

Taking your own jaw-dropping photos is undeniably a very relevant skill today.

Whether you:
- Own a big fancy camera and have no clue how to use it
- Are a parent wanting to take better photos of your kids
- A blogger wanting to up your game
- An entrepreneur wanting to start your own business or take better photos for your existing one
- A content creator needing that competitive edge
- An influencer wanting to explode your following and brand deals
- Or you just want to learn how to document your everyday life...

If you don't know how to master your camera settings you're missing out on something huge.

So if you're wanting to level up your skills and finally master your camera and don't know where to find the information. . .

I've got you covered.

I've taught thousands of people how to take their photos from basic to breathtaking.

Here's how this works in two steps:

Step 1: Click the button on this page and checkout

Step 2: Log in and learn all of my skills and methods. (Which is delivered in a way you just won't find on Youtube!)

And it's jam packed with the most simplistic but powerful lessons about photography.

Just think of the possibilities of mastering your camera settings. ✨

Imagine how it could change your life.

Does that sound like something you want?

If you're interested this is what I've got for you...



First, let me say this isn't your ordinary "photography" or "camera" course.

I value your time, so there's no hype. 

Just straightforward step-by-step proven information.

And it's about MORE than just cameras and lenses.

You can actually use the same methods and techniques in this course to create a photography side hustle, elevate your social media or take the most incredible photos of your loved ones and everyday life.

If you want to finally understand how to use your camera. . . 

This course will be the perfect fit for you. 💯

Like I said, there's so much more to this course than just camera and lens information. 😊

Here's exactly what you're getting...

✔️ Simple 3-Step solution that solves the most common mistakes when working with manual settings

✔️ How to take the most high quality images bursting with meaning, style and depth

✔️ What to never do in a low light environment (if you don't want to spend hours editing your photos)

✔️ Do you think you need the latest camera gear? WRONG! You'll learn how to use your existing camera to take jaw-dropping images

✔️ The truth about tricky lighting situations - and chances are it's not what you think

✔️ The EXACT techniques I use to create that blurry buttery background (that will have your subjects popping off your image)

Check out what students are saying... 

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If you're ready to take your photography to the next level and finally learn how to use your camera


Imagine If...


… you could learn in only 3 hours how to master your manual settings once-and-for-all

… your photos oozed depth and meaning 

… you spent less time editing your images and more time living life

… you captured stand-out photos of your friends and family

…your content captivated your audience and grew a following

… you went through life documenting the most amazing images of your own life

…you have the most supportive community at your fingertips - and you never feel alone as you continue your journey in the photography world

What my students are saying

Everything You're Getting:


✔️ Full Access To My Flagship Course The Nursery

✔️ 3+ Hours Of  Video Lessons

✔️ Lifetime Access To All Lessons

✔️ Self Paced Course

✔️ And So Much More...


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