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The Excursion

Come with me on a real life, photography problem-solving tour of Europe.


What you'll see in The Excursion:

You'll see my wife, Kesh folding washing in her undies in our Airbnb in Paris in 30ºC heat while I try to recreate studio lighting with only natural light.

You'll see my kids Snow and Zee fighting at the Eiffel Tower while I try to get the perfect family photo for the album.

You'll see me explain front and back lighting in Istanbul while Kesh models in front of The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, while the kids play with street dogs on the lawn.

You'll see me struggle to take family photos in a very public location in Amsterdam before taking a moment to location scout and finding a spot that's so much better.

You'll see me shoot from f/1.4 to f/16 and everything in between at Big Ben while bagpipes play (annoyingly) in the background.

You'll see me struggle to find the perfect portrait of Kesh while we travel to London on the Euro Star and the light and space restrictions on the train refuse to give me what I want.

You'll see me use Starbucks (of all places) to create the most stunning portraits of the trip.

The Excursion is different. Rather than sitting at a desk with a computer and presenting to a camera on a tripod...

I take you with me, put my family in front of me and let you entirely into the workings of my brain.

The Excursion is a VERY REALISTIC look into what it's like to take photos the way I take them.

✅ Instant lifetime access to all the videos from The Excursion

✅ Deep dive into focus settings and modes

✅ Behind the scenes access to all Tim's camera settings

✅ A fly-on-the-wall 
experience in over 10 locations in Europe as Tim takes photos of his family in every location and lighting you could imagine

✅ Access to 30+ videos that cover everything from taking portraits in minimal light to location scouting and everything in between

✅ The perfect workshop for the intermediate photographer who has a basic grasp of manual settings but wants a deeper dive into how everything comes together in the real world


What People Are Saying:

I purchased it on the launch day and watched it straight away. You never disappoint us!

Jill Chou

Loved The Excursion!

Niki Spencer