We’re still here, in this wild city.

Kesh will tell you, we’re country people. I’ve never enjoyed the city life. Traffic and crowds – they irk me and make me feel funky. I’ve always lived outside the city and by the beach.

That’s something that is changing though. New York isn’t somewhere you can just come and see and leave. I don’t think it is, anyway. It’s what you’ve seen in the movies. It’s what your friends have told you it is. And it’s way more than that, too.

I’ve gotta be honest and tell you the first few days threw me. I felt like me and NYC were different people. She was intimidating and it was like I was in this awkward relationship, trying really hard to make something work. It’s clicked though. And now, I’m properly in love with this place to the point of not wanting to leave. I’m actually sad about the thought of getting on a plane and flying away.

That’s crazy to me.

I’ve got a heap of experiences that I want to share with you but one from today, especially.

We were walking through the Subway at Times Square after lunch with friends. Up on the left, Keshy and I saw a homeless person.

I know I talk about Kesh a lot. Every post it seems. There’s a reason though. And the reason is she is my everything. She is a person so sensitive.

We got a little closer and realised that this wasn’t a grown man but a young boy. Maybe 14 years old. He wasn’t asking for money, either. He held a cardboard sign that sought for life’s necessities – something to eat or drink.

Wow. With a belly so full I couldn’t eat another thing, I was walking past a young black boy, partially blind, homeless and hungry…

He was hungry.

Kesh stopped walking and she stopped me with her. She asked for my wallet, walked into a store at the end of the subway and bought the boy some food.

I stood with my hand holding Roo’s stroller and leant against the cold tiled wall of the subway and watched Kesh walk back to the boy. I watched hundreds of others passed him by, as Kesh walked against the flow of human traffic to make her way to him. She lent down, looked into his eyes and handed him a packet of chips and biscuits.

I could tell as she walked back to me that she had been effected by the boy in a matter of seconds. She reached me and told me that she felt like crying. And then she cried, held my hand and told me that she loved me.

I asked Kesh what the boy said to her. She tried to blink her tears back as she recited his words.

Oh wow. You have a beautiful smile. Thank you.

It’s a small thing she did. I know others would have done it, too. But I love Kesh because she is that person. I want to be that person. I want everyone to be that person.

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