Nika & Alex

I knew from the very beginning – from the very first point of contact that Alex and Nika’s wedding would be special. Within the words of Nika’s email to Kesh, I saw the connections we already shared.

Nika called Alex her beloved and that’s something that resonated with me. I could tell already, theirs was a passionate love. It was Nika’s awareness of what she wanted captured that excited me, too.

‘We just want you to be there to capture all the in-between moments and the honesty of love, family and community,’ she said.

We’d taken the booking, knowing that Roo would only be a few weeks old when I left. Roo celebrated two weeks here on earth the day before I flew to the other side of Australia. Leaving that morning, into the darkness, was not a simple thing to do. I shouldn’t have been so concerned – Kesh was with her family and I would be staying with Alex’s, who turned out to be some of the most kind people I have ever met.

From their first meeting in high school, Alex and Nika were drawn to each other. I witnessed this the day they were married. I was kneeling next to Alex, who was simply standing and waiting, as I photographed the bridesmaids walking down the aisle. I could feel his love overflowing and knew that more than anything, he wanted to see Nika walking down that aisle and to hold her and marry her. Finally, Nika came into sight, with her Father. I looked up to Alex, who sealed his love with tears in his eyes.

Nika told me that she and Alex always knew they would be together and that their love is bigger than they are – it’s beyond them. After six years of Alex being in love with Nika and Nika being in love with Alex and neither telling the other, Nika found the strength to share her feelings.

And they have been together from that very day.

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