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It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to shoot with a family. I’ve properly been missing it lately and was super grateful for the opportunity to head to Melbourne to shoot with Amy, Nathan and Evie. I seriously wished that I had Kesh and Roo with me. They would have loved these guys.

Keelan - incredible

Roseann - Absolutely beautiful, Tim. I love your family sessions so very much. I’m trying to determine if this takes place in the morning or evening? Such lovely light and what a gorgeous setting. Makes me want to get on a plane! Thanks for the inspiration. xxx

Rhiannon - It must feel pretty great when you get to photography another photographer!

Lauren - SUCH a beautiful family!! Love these pictures :)

Hannah Rose Beasley - Such stunning photos!! Wow. What a beautiful session and family!

Melanie Pogson - Oh wow, that fourth image, Tim. Stunning!

Rachael - Love love love! Just wondering where abouts in Melbourne this is? Would LOVE to explore these trees!

Matthew Osborne - Great work! ..and your editing is beautiful Tim.

Sarah - Wow! I love love LOVE your photography! So inspiring!


Jake - Wow! Where is this?! So gorgeous.

Brad - Lovely work Tim. Cant wait for your next post!

Lola - Beautiful. I started shooting film when I was thirteen and still primarily use my old film cameras but you are the first photographer that has made me consider buying a digital camera. Stunning images that have depth, meaning and candidness.

sam & josh | otford farm | sydney wedding photographer

I’ve been doing this a little while now. Coming up to three years – shooting weddings. I don’t stress on the weather. Well, not anymore, anyway. In the beginning, I’d ride the weekend weather reports constantly. I realised pretty quickly that I couldn’t do anything to change what came so I let go of the stress and worked with what came on the day.

And after shooting more than one hundred weddings, I’d never had one that didn’t work out photographically because of the weather. You can always make something happen and to be honest, you always get a break in the weather. Except for that one time with Sam and Josh…

It poured all day. All day. I know you can’t see it in every frame but it is raining in every shot I took. And it didn’t bother Sam or Josh one bit. Seriously, it didn’t. They adopted a mantra of surrender to the day and all it brought. It was incredible to me. Add to that, these two are some of the most genuinely happy and in love people I’ve ever met and the result was an explosion of love in a teepee on a farm by the ocean.

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Music: Woods by Bon Iver

Lisa - Incredible. Just so gorgeous. What a wonderful pair!

Jules - Brilliant Tim!!!!! Divinely Gorgeous Images. Your super talented to capture such beautiful moments in torrential weather.

Lisa - I love this wedding! And I really resonate with the weather watching as a newbie wedding photographer, I do look forward to the day when I can confidently just…surrender to what happens. A beautiful attitude that you, Sam & Josh were able to possess and it really shows!

Amie - wow! just wow! what an absolutely stunning collection of images of what looked like an incredible day…i actually welled up scrolling through these, several times!!

Roseann - As soon as I got to that skype image I felt the emotions of the day. Beautiful, as always Tim. Thank you for sharing.

Annette - Yep. Yep.
That black and white one, on the left of the diptych during couple portraits. Incredible.

Can feel their exploding spirituality through the pictures.

Robyn - Tim, your photos never cease to amaze me. You capture the spirit and energy of your subjects and the environment beautifully – there is so much emotion within those frames. Wonderful, you are incredibly talented!

brenda - incredible. what a fabulous day despite the rain, or maybe because of it! truly incredible that i can see the love, feel the love and the immense spirituality of the day from your amazing photos! brilliant x

claire - truly amazing. i feel so much love for and from this couple. i want my girls to feel this kind of love when they get married one day (many years from now). having looked through these photos, i will love them more today than yesterday, and encourage them to seek this kind of love from a life partner.

you are a maestro.

happy day to you 3.

Dallila - amazing!!!!!

shelly - breathtaking, tim.
just breathtaking.

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Sarah - fantastic.

wedding photography melbourne - Very aggressive photography you have done in this post, i really appreciate this post, please keep continue sharing.
Thank you

beck & ben | paperbark camp wedding

I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to make it to Beck and Ben’s wedding. In October, last year, we had some serious bush fires. The RFS had been closing roads and I was pretty sure my route to Paperbark Camp would be cut. Thankfully, I made it through.

The day before they wed, Beck and Ben stopped by our home and told us about theirs. Beck’s an architect, who is tirelessly working on a huge development of their inner city dwelling, while Ben builds programs based around helping Sydney’s youth lead better lives. I’ve gotta be honest – I felt kinda lazy after our conversation.

Amidst the red haze and distant smell of fire, these guys committed themselves to one another in an incredible way. And it went something like this…

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Beck and Ben’s wedding is also featured on Hello May. Head over to the blog to get all the details on the wedding.

Music: Fools Gold by The Middle East

Sharon - That dress is beautiful! And gorgeous photos as always Tim.

Jane @ Shady Baker - Breathtaking as always Tim!

thalea - I just don’t know how you do it…so amazing!! love everywhere.

Eric Ronald - Cracking images my man!

look see. by naomi fenton - Breathtaking, Tim! :)

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My lips are softly burning. Kesh’s lips must have touched her freshly brushed teeth and now the minty aftermath of her lips kissing mine goodnight is a soft tingle with the perfect amount of linger.

Sorry about that. Too much, maybe.

I’m not really into Valentine’s Day. I get it but at the same time, I don’t. What I am into, though, is Kesh. When I was growing up, I created in my mind the ‘perfect woman’. And honestly, my ‘perfect creation’ is so far from what Kesh is. She’s better. So much better.

Today, we went for a drive, a walk and a swim. And I took my favourite kind of photos.



Lyndsay Buchanan - Seriously beautiful! I love how in love you are.

Amanda Alessi - Oh Tim these are such lovely photos. I’m not really into the whole Valentine’s Day thing either as I find it too much of a Hallmark holiday / consumerism overload. For me it’s the simple but beautiful moments that happen on a daily basis which make me appreciate and feel thankful to have my boyfriend in my life. Showing your love for someone shouldn’t be once a year. I love that you let us see into your world. Thanks for sharing again!!

Roseann - As always, so so beautiful. You are a rich man, Tim. Thank you for sharing.

Samantha - You, sir, will always be an inspiration to me. I don’t know how you do it but you always seem to create such beauty

kylie - adore these. so so good, tim. keshy is so sweet. what a beautiful place with lil too!

Kelsie - I know you life is a busy beautiful thing. BUT, seeing photos of your family is honestly the most wonderful, I look forward to little post like this so much. Kesh and Roo <3!

Pink Ronnie - Was browsing your Facebook page, and came back to this post.
Oh how these photos make me smile!
(My husband would love to have your car…)
Ronnie xo

2013 – Look what you did to me


Last year I didn’t blog anywhere near as much as I wanted. And that’s what this is about. Out of the quarter of a million photos I took, these are the ones I’ve chosen to represent our year. I hope they make you feel something really good inside. I hope they make you want to love and explore this world and the people who live here more than you already do.
Big love.

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Music: Sé Lest by Sigur Rós


Lisa W - WOWEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

You have certainly been busy Tim, this brought tears to my eyes… what a wonderful year you had! We are so blessed we shared a tiny part of that with you and cherish the images and memories you left us.

Here’s to an even better 2014 for you, Kesh and Roo.

Love The Whinnen Family xxxx

lu - such a beautiful year!

katy - Your work is absolutely breathtaking, and so inspirational. Every image is just perfect and I cant wait until I get the same reaction from people in my photos that I got when I looked through this feed.
It makes me excited for the future and happy that there are beautiful minds and eyes like yours to capture all of the love and wonderful-ness in the world :) x

Elsa - Wow. Just wow.

Holly - Man, your photographs hold so much power and emotion. I can only hope to one day have the ability to capture people’s lives with such grace! Continue to love and admire your work.

JJ - You’re a witness to so much love and that’s probably why you lead a life full of it. I don’t believe you could capture these shots if you weren’t such a believer in it. Such a wondrous year and we are so happy that you could record our special day. We treasure those photos.

Qew - Oh wow Tim. What a year. Breathtaking xx

Chelsea Parsons - looooved this Tim. you are amazing! congrats on an awesome yr. hope this one is fantastic xx

claire - sensational. heart certainly beating faster. happiest new year to you and yours.

Keelan - No matter how many times I see your work, every time is like the first time and I’m blown away to the point where I scroll, scroll, scroll some more until the end, then I repeat. Several times. So, so amazing bud. What a year, what a life. All the love you get to see…

jess - Absolutely incredible. What a sensory delight – your photos have so much heart and soul.

Eric Ronald - You’re good. Inspiring work my friend

herbst-kind - i wish i could say it in words, or at least in english… deine Bilder sind umwerfend schön, inspirierend und echt. DANKE – THANKS !

miriam - Beautiful work as always!

Kristy - Just lovely Tim… as your work always is.

Annette - Perfect. So much soul. You have absolutely found your calling. Congratulations on an incredible year- its amazing to see how much you have grown, imagine what my fan email would be saying now!

Lecinda - So stunning Time, what a wonderful year :) great work as always!

Samantha - I am lost for words Tim. You always manage to do that to me somehow. I get lost in your images and the stories of these beautiful people. Thank you

Jennifer Pinkerton - Oh Tim, these are stunning.

Ainsley - Beautiful, inspiring, stunning, emotive … loved this!

Tara - Fabulous Tim, bloody fabulous. Goosebumps fabulous.

Emily B - An unavoidable understatement next: you have talent. Talent! And windows for eyes. Love those big sky shots, especially.

Brendan - Another massive year Tim. I love your work.

Erin K. - you made me cry.

Elizabeth - This is really epic! You’re constantly reaching new heights of goodness! Congratulations on a wonderful year!