On the other side of the world, I learned some big lessons. Real big ones.

1. Kesh will be there for me. Always. Even, and especially, when I don’t deserve it.

2. Roo means more to me than anything. When he got sick and we had to cancel our flights home, I didn’t care about the money. I cared about him. I wanted him to be in his own bed, sleeping under our roof. I just wanted him healthy again.

3. People are kind, all over the world. Roo made sure of that.

I shot film on this trip, almost exclusively. It’s brand new to me. Honestly, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but have lacked confidence. Kesh bought me an EOS 3 for my birthday last year and it got stolen when our home was broken into. We bit the bullet and bought another right before our trip. With no real idea what I was doing, I shot our way across Europe. I’m so glad I did. The images in this post mean more to me than if I’d shot them digitally. I shoot differently with film. I shoot more slowly. And for me, slowing down is a really good thing.

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ll notice that things have changed – and they’ll keep changing. You can still view the old blog at this link but this is where I’ll be posting from now on. Tap the play button below and take a scroll through Europe. See you guys with weddings and families from all over the world, real soon.

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Music: Vienna by Caspian

A big thanks to Jarred and Lisa at RDFL for making sure these images made it to the real world.

Carli - Wow. Thank you.

Cam - Hey Mate. Brilliant stuff.. Hope you get heaps more comments through here..Cam

Annette - These feel different Tim, still beautiful but just different.
More sacred, quieter.. just something.

PS Kesh’s lips- still amazing. The one where she’s laying on the beach chair in the left hand corner holding Roo with her sunglasses one is killer.

PPS- new site looks awesome:) x

Lisa - These are so beautiful and simply wonderful!

Life with Kaishon - I really love how you see the world. I am so sorry that little Roo got sick. What a splendid vacation!

Qew - Oh Tim, I have no words but WOW!!

Felicity - As someone just starting their own photography journey you inspire me in so many ways. What a magical trip you and your family shared. Thank you for sharing some of it with us.

Posy Quarterman - Beautiful.

Hannah Nicole - Oh, wow, Tim. These made me cry. There’s a simple, quiet beauty to them that makes you catch your breathe for a minute, breathe deep, sit and soak them in. Incredible. Honest. So magical.

Hannah Nicole - Oh, and for someone wanting to get into film (as well as travel through Europe after I graduate), this is incredibly inspiring and encouraging. And also, let Kesh know that she is one of my biggest inspirations for what kind of woman I’d like to be someday. Grace and simplicity — so rare in today’s culture to see someone who is classy but down to earth at the same time! xx

katie - Life is real. These images show that. No matter where you are in the world, you can never be in control. The images are beautiful, I feel like raw emotion and lots of it leaps off the page with these.

tim coulson - For sure, I see and feel a difference in them, too. And yep, I know the photo! Lips are so good.

Amber Fischer - Tim Coulson + film = loveliness out the wazoo. As always, love seeing images of your sweet little family as you trek around the world. Your Roo boy is just a tad older than my Judah boy, so I feel a special connection to your photos and stories.

Roseann - Your photos leave me speechless. There is so much thought behind every shot. I see you following and capturing the light and the emotion. These do seem like they’re at a slower pace than a lot of your work, they bring with them a sense of calm. Looks like a pretty fantastic european holiday. The light when you were at that harbor– incredible. There is something about boats and their reflection that really does it for me. Thank you for sharing your gift and for inspiring me every time.

Lecinda - these are beautiful Tim, you did an amazing job with film for your first time!

Royce - Dude! Flippin rad. Waist up shot of Kesh and Roo in the forest is my favourite, but there is so much goodness in here! You have a wonderful talent. I’m waiting for my rolls of film from Europe to develop, now I’m even more excited. New site is gooood too.

Fiona - this post just made my day. Wow. Thanks

Sarah - Tim these are beautiful. There is a greater sense of emotion and kindness within these images, you should use film more often.

Glenn - You’re a much braver man than I – I’d be doubling up on the digital camera just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, but kudos for braving it and pulling off all the more special images

Dominique - Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had more words to describe how much I enjoyed these shots. I’ve got nothing except a sigh of ‘wow’.

toni raper - wait til you get your hands on a Contax 645 set up, the glass will knock your socks off! Film FTW!

Charlotte - These are my favorite photos of yours ever. So so nice x

Alanna . - Your photos made me feel an emotional response that I was not expecting. These images are so beautifully raw, I can feel the passion and the love that you have for your family. You have a gift that I am so glad you have shared.

lu - very inspirational! film is so much more special :)

jess hay flugvel - This is the most beautiful series of photographs I have ever seen. So much raw, honest emotion.

Amelia - Tim, these photos are your best ever. They really are. I love that you worked with film. What a trip!

Maria - I am speechless. I feel like I know you. Great work. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Oostdyck - Wonderful work, Tim. I love what you’ve done with film. No doubt you’ll be head first down the rabbit hole of film love now.

Belinda - So many beautiful images, gorgeous. Makes me want to get out the slr again.

Julian Beattie - Can I have some more please, sir?

Lauren - Your talent and little family have opened my eyes to the world!
You guys have been all over to so many beautiful places, thank you for sharing these photos. The world is a huge place and I want to see it all!
You guys are incredibly brave to leave everything at home and travel the globe and I hope one day when its right for me I have the guts to do the same!

Oriana - These images make my heart happy. I really admire you for taking a leap of faith and shooting all in film (something I probably wouldn’t do). Also, you have such a beautiful family!

Clark - Killed it. All of those are sweet. Awfully good.

Clio Meldon - Beautiful. Every single one is so beautiful. I’m currently travelling through Vancouver/Portland/Seattle and I can’t wait to put a post like this together. I shoot film exclusively also (as you know!) and was wondering what lenses you use? I have a good old faithful 50mm and a 28mm for wider shots but find myself looking for something different…is there anything you’d recommend Tim?

Byron Griffin - Tim, these look incredible. My wife and I have loved watching your journey. I’m sorry that Roo got sick, but you’ll have those memories forever! Love the dreary shots of the boats/marina. The black and white with Kesh holding Roo with the sun coming from behind in the doorway is by far my favorite.

carlotta cisternas - I know it’s already been said many times over–but my goodness, Tim, these are incredible. I really love the music you selected too, it makes viewing the images just that much more of a wonderful experience.

tim coulson - I was shooting with an EOS 3 and every shot in this post was taken with the 35L :) Have fun on your travels.

tim coulson - Love you, Clark.

tim coulson - i sure wanna shoot more!

tim coulson - Way down.

Eric Ronald - Seriously dude. These blew me away.

Brittany Purlee - Absolutely stunning, Great work.

Evan Zee - Hey Tim….really beautiful work, the colors and light are a knockout….may I ask what film you used?

Carlien - wow, wow, wow!!!

Kristen - These are absolutely stunning, Tim. Something about them just struck a chord in my heart. Thank you for the peek into your world.

Stacey - I feel a space opening in my chest as I viewed this series. Such wonderful work, we’ll done and thank you for sharing, and inspiring.

thalea - oh goodness…film forever, hey? I forgot how beautiful it is. beautiful pictures, trip and most of all – family. X

Talia - so happy for you and your new site! it really showcases your breath taking photographs. cant wait to see more~

Marina Catrina - So much in love. Film was worth it, Tim. Really, this is magical. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed this continent, and fell in love with some of my favorite cities.

Meredith Adams - beautiful. Kesh is beautiful. Roo is beautiful. You are all beautiful, and these shots are perfection.

Ali Lamond - Ah Tim. This made my eyes well up. Especially the one of Kesh & Roo on the grass together, cuddling. Made me miss my mum real bad.
Beautiful imagery, as always. x

corrie - Absolutely stunning pictures! Kesh is looking so lovely and a touch more grown up in this photos and bless little Roo. Poor little guy being sick while you were away
hope he’s all better now
those pics are just stunning, well done

Tata Carvalho - love them all. and the music… thank you for this. :)
Love to you all. Thais

Iracema - It’s like the tenth time I come here and watch this photos. I think all of them bring peacE. Great feeling through it, and that’s what makes a very good photo in my opinion, is the sensation it can bring to you. So congratulations for all of them. Oh, and never get tired to say this, Kesh is really a beautiful woman and she seems to feel so comfortable in front of a photo machine. Roo is growing so handsome.
Ira, Portugal.

Emily - These images are stunning, so beautiful and fresh. I am travelling to Europe next month and have got myself a Canon EOS 1N and a Mamiya 645. No idea which to take or how much film haha….so excited to capture it all slowly on film. Thank you for sharing :)

Belinda D - Oh Mr Coulson the rawness is breathtaking. The new site is pretty rad too x

look see by naomi fenton - Oh my goodness Tim. What you do with film is amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. A million times over. :)

shelly - This series has left me speechless and with a tear in my eye. Hats off to you, Tim.

Emily Banek - this are breath taking. so fresh. film is something that I dream of working with and these shots make me desire that even more so. Thank you for the inspiration!!

angie - I love these. Everything about them.

Ben - really, really, good!

Sasha - These are breathtaking. Such honesty within each frame. Also, this might sound peculiar, but how does Kesh style her hair? It’s such a perfect ‘do and always looks so beautifully loose and tousled and natural.
You are an inspiration!

samantha - Nice photography! Thanks for sharing with us

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